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Der neue Maßstab für flexible Bedienung.

FlexAct® ist ein neues System, mit dem Sie Einweglösungen für komplette Biomanufacturing-Schritte individuell konfigurieren können.

Das FlexAct®-System besteht aus dem zentralen Bedienmodul mit einer Vielzahl von Konfigurationsoptionen und ermöglicht Ihnen umfassende Kontrolle über praktisch alle Upstream- und Downstream-Processing-Schritte.

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FlexAct® BT

Bag Tester Solution at point of use

Benefit from Our in-process 20 year Leak Testing Experience at Your Point-of-use For critical process steps, FlexAct® BT allows a 100% point-of-use leak test to avoid the risk of losing high value product and enhances the assurance of container closure integrity of single-use systems.


FlexAct® BT is a Bag Tester solution for end users to control the absence of leaks that could occur during transportation and handling of 2D bags at the point of use. FlexAct® BT features the Sartocheck® 4 plus Bag tester and a set of two plate holders to perform pressure decay testing in a safe, fast, easy and reliable way.

FlexAct® BT is validated to detect 30 µm leaks across the volume range of Flexboy® 2D bags from 50 mL to 50 L in 7 minutes total testing time. A MultiUnit tester option can be used to test two bags in parallel and to perform filter integrity testing.